'Deluxe' Archery/Rifle Moose Hunt Packages
Includes 7 days/8 nights, adult tag, meals,

accommodations, linens, towels, maid service,

parking, professional guide, land & water hunt transportation & meat care.

$7429.00 US - 2 or More PER HUNTER
$8533.00 US - 1 HUNTER
$2123.00 US - NON HUNTER


'Bare Bones' Archery/Rifle Moose Hunt Packages
Includes 7 days/8 nights, adult tag, accommodations, linens, towels, maid service, parking.

$3546.00 US - 2 or More PER HUNTER
$4092.00 US - 1 HUNTER
$1046.00 US - NON HUNTER

* Limited Tags Available * Two Million Acres * Definitely Guest Approved *

Our Rifle Moose Hunts are 7 days/8 nights and Archery Moose Hunts are 9 days/10 nights. All our Moose Hunt Packages are all inclusive.

Adult Bull and Cow tags are extremely limited, therefore, if you are contemplating a Moose Hunt, it is imperative you notify us at your earliest convenience.

All Hunt Documentation is handled through the Lodge and you will need to furnish hunter orange clothing for Rifle Hunts or camouflage clothing for Archery Hunts and firearms. The most popular rifle caliber is the .30, followed by .270 and 7mm.

We are year 'round Residents of the area and continuously scout for your “Trophy Bull” - realistically with a rack size of 45” to 60” (67” our best).

Our Hunters leave from the Lodge premises each morning. Depending on guest's preference, daily transportation may vary from water (boat/canoe) to land (4x4 truck/ATV). Every available hour is spent Hunting with your success in mind.

With an excess of 2 million acres of Prime Moose Country to traverse and one of the Densest Moose Populations found in this Province, first hand information makes us certain we have plenty to offer you.  Many “Pope & Young” & “Boone & Crocket” animals have been harvested in our many years in business. Let us know how we may help secure your Trophy Moose.

Our facilities are wheelchair accessible and to this date, all handicapped Hunters have been successful in harvesting their Trophy.